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Re: 1958 CHRISTINE FURY /ID manifacturing plants.

From: alumcan
Date: March 11, 2002


Hey Butch, I have two '58 Fury titles, A 318 car, was made in Evansville Iniana, LP2E xxxxx. The other, a 350 stick car was made in Detroit and the # was plain LP2 xxxxx. In the front of the service maunal gives the codes where all the '58 Furys were made., According to that book they made 'em all over the place. I think even in Jersey! Also there were TWO different sets of 350 2 4's. A automacic, (torqueflite) and stick, ('three on the tree') I had both sets, and the only difference I could find between the two sets was the different number stamped on the carb base. How many Genuine Furys were made at each differet plant, I never was able to find that information out. Have fun.


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