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I got the cast-iron Torque-Flite rebuild blues!

From: Brian Wittling
Date: March 12, 2002


Well, the worst has occured. My problems with the Fury's transmission are worse than I had hoped for. I was hoping to get away with just a soft parts rebuild, but once the unit was out and dissasembled, boy is it NASTY in there. I have never seen something more dirty and worn in my life. The stator arm splines look like it was used as a hammer, the pump is all scored, and various sufaces are worn beyond tolerance. Cleaning alone will take a good days labor as nasty as it is. Total dammage: $2,500 for the rebuild, including labor and warranty. Ouch. And at a time I'm flat busted. I hope that tax return comes quick! I wish i had more capabilities on my own... like to have removed the thing myself and shipped it off to a T-F specialist or something. Oh well, I can only work with what I got... Brian


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