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Re: AutoZone. Front Shock Absorbers=15.00

From: Hank Dozier
Date: March 15, 2002


Bill...Got any part numbers for those KYB and KONI shocks that fit 56 DeSotos? Also, on the thread above on removing a lower control arm, try this trick. Jack the car with a jack on the lower control arm to be removed. Set a couple jackstands JUST below touchingthe fram for protection, and then using 3 pieces of wire (coathangers work great), tie them through the spring top to bottom and wind them up snug - NOT tight! Then slowly lower the jack so the stands take the weight and the jack comes off the control arm. The spring should now be loose in the perches. Remove the shock absorber, and thewn the spring and then do your control arm. Keep the wire on the spring, and you can reinstall in the reverse order, and then after eveything is snug on the jack, cut the wire off. Make sutre to use 3 wires 120 degrees approximately apart, as otherwise, the spring can "work" just 2 off and expand.


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