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Re: Fuel Gauge OR Sending Unit -- What's WRONG?

From: Mike Patterson
Date: March 16, 2002


From my experience, it you may nor have a problem with either one. If memory serves correctly, the floats on the end of the sending unit are cork (o some like substance ). Just like the fiber floats found in a lot a latter carbs, over time they absorb fuel and get heavy, and actually sink a little below the fuel level. I have a new float set aside for my 57 Plymouth, which is fiber and I think I can use as a direct replacement for the cork one. As I recall a lot of GM vehicles use this type of float (It has a hole through the center for the float arm to go through). I think the one I'm going to use is from a 79 El Camino). A way to check the guage and sending unit should be covered in the factory shop manual.


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