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318 Poly Pistons

From: Brad Harbold
Date: March 18, 2002


Hi, Couple of questions to run buy everyone about motor parts availability for the 58 Poly 318. I talked with PAW today, as I need to get a set of .060 overs for my 318, they said they cant get them anymore, and they had a footnote that indicated an egg shaped bore? Anybody who can shed some light on this for me? He said that the pistons would be sort of egg shaped, sounds crazy to me? 2. Where is a good source for pistons for this motor then? I would like something with more then 8.8:1 compression which is what PAW said they cant even get anymore. Forged would be nice, will the later LA pistons fit the polys? Moly rings from the LA motor? Anyone who can answer any of these questions please let us all know Thanks Brad


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