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Re: lets play gues the brake problem!!

From: Kenny J.
Date: March 20, 2002


I had this happen once after my '59 sat for about eight months. One of the front wheel cylinders (bottom, passenger) had pushed the shoe against the drum. We could not turn the adjuster. My friend removed the brake line hose at the backing plate and I worked the adjusters. Brake fluid shot out of the line in the wheel and the shoe released. We had to rebleed the brakes after pulling the offending cylinder, cleaning it up and rebuilding it, but nothing else was damaged. I never figured out why this happened. Perhaps some contamination (moisture) invaded this cylinder. Hank's diagnosis sounds much more likely, but you never know. Please let us know what it was when you figure it out. But PLEASE, walk away from the car if you find yourself getting frustrated. My neighbor had a stuck shoe on his '64 Impala. He wound up shattering the drum after heating it red and smacking it with a sledge. He also ruined the wheel cylinder, wheel bearings and the seat on the spindle! Sometimes a fresh start the following day or a even a couple of hours later will reveal what needs to be done!


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