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Re: lets play gues the brake problem!!

From: Hank Dozier
Date: March 20, 2002


I wholeheartedly agree with Kenny on this. Use a PROPANE torch. If you need more heat than that, something else is severely wrong! Also, use the sledge in a tapping (NOT two fisted pounding!) manner. You want to loosen the corrosion and allow with the torch heat for penetrating oil to get into the drum/shoe assembly. If you can spray this in from the adjuster opening, then even better. Also, as in another reply, the brake line could be swollen shut from moisture. I do not know how the pressure could get so great to allow this to hold the drum, but with old drum/shoe assemblies, anything could assist in the capture to prevent rotating. The trick is PATIENCE, and the willingness to go somewhere else and use blue words until you calm down.


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