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Found a DeSoto ('57) for sale. BEAUTIFUL but too expensive...I am buying a DODGE

From: Lou V.
Date: March 20, 2002


Hi, All: I posted a few DeSoto inquires a month or so ago, and then some info on a '58 Firedome. Well, there is a beautiful '57 FireFlite 2 dr sportsman for sale in Ontario, Canada. The seller Emailed me pics, and I have put them on my web page for anyone who wants to see. The price is too steep for me! $26,900 (US) I am gonna go for the '59 Dodge Coronet in Spokane, WA, for $10k less: Now, if anyone is interested, the DeSoto is supposedly All Original, 59,000 miles, with factory A/C, dual antennas and few other goodies. Here are the pics he sent me: The car is Mandarin Rust and Sahara Beige. I think thats the same as Edward Petrus' car! The guy is a dealer, and auto literature guy: Ken McGee Auto Books/Ken McGee holdings. I think he also owns some new car dealership(s). His Email address is Ken McGee Holdings Inc. P.O. BOX 464 442 MacEwan Street Goderich, Ontario N7A 4C7 Inquiries : (519) 524 5821


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