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Re: lets play gues the brake problem!!

From: John Z
Date: March 21, 2002


I'll take a guess. I have 2 59's and its happened to both several times, especially after setting awhile but not always. Luckily its always been the front so no wheel puller is needed. What I do/did is free up the adusting cam (2 on each front wheel) before taking off drum. Do not make complete turns on cam adj hex head while freeing up cam otherwise the "spring link" inside drum will come off of the cam. Just turn cam adj nut back & forth to free up. If spring link does come off you can put it back on but its kind of tricky. When it happened to me I thought I broke something. With drum off then you can see how apparatus operates and then lube all moving parts. Then put drum back on and adjust. Service manual comes in handy for that, shows illustrations, etc.


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