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Re: Crazy MoPar Guy Weird MoPars '53 Chrysler Hearse!

From: alumcan
Date: March 23, 2002


Stoney, Ironic that today I'll be going through that general area. I-81 up through Carlisle, to I-78 East over to Hew Jersey. What for? Would you beleieve, looking at a '91 Hearse fresh out of service! (Oldest daughter has wanted a '77-'92 Black C%#&**#c Hearse for some time now.) That '53 is a little too old for me. (The landau bars alone are worth a small fortune!) In earlier posts, I've always said that if someone can find a full blown FwdLk Hearse, (Or ANY MoPar Hearse) and took it to the Nats, or MoPar Carlisle, your mention of a 'babe magnet' would be a understatement! That car would be so different, I figure that the only time that there wouldn't be a croud around it, would be at dark! Besides my Harley, I'm NOT getting into any more projects. I've wanted a certain FwdLk Converible for over 25 years! They were just too expensive and rare. I had given up on being able to own/enjoy one, and done other projects, but they just couldn't 'fill the void'. So I'm now concentrating on building/making the 'pinnicle' of FwdLk cars, '58 300-D Convertible! I figure around 14, 15, tons of mashed cans ought to do it! WHEEEE.


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