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Re: Harleys/ 300-D's

From: alumcan
Date: March 25, 2002


Naw, Trikes, arn't my cup o tea. I all rerady got the moustash/gotee and stuff. I need a Chry/DeS Convt parts car. I need the convt components to make my conversion. I got all of the 'D' parts, I have a Chry hard top body, just need the convt stuff. That is why I advertised to trade all my '58 Fury stuff for one. In other words, they might have another major North South Hi-way to repalce I-95 by the time I get enough parts to be able to build one. Unless,,,,I win the lottery, then I can go out and buy a real one, and of course, Harleys all around for everyone! That is why I've always said, "Wish in one hand, feces in the other, and then see which one fills up the fastest." Oh well


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