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Use '62-64 pushbutton A-727 with '62-up engines

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 26, 2002


The crank flange on all A & B series V8's changed in 1962. The pre-62 flanges protrude 5/8" farther from the engine,and are eight-bolt vs. six bolt for '62-up. One bolt location in the bellhousing pattern for A engines changed in 1962 (the right bottom),but that in itself would not be a major problem (rework the block or leave that hole unbolted). The big problem with trying to bolt the pre-62 "A" trans. to a '62-up block is that the bellhousing is made for the old flange and is thus 5/8" too long for the '62-up crank flanges. Now you could in theory have all custom parts machined to connect the later engine to the early trans.,however in the real world you should use a '62-64 pushbutton A-727. Why? 1. The '56-61 TF dash pushbuttons will shift this trans.,and their shift cable directly hooks up. 2. It weighs 65 lbs. less than the A-466 cast-iron Torqueflite! 3. It's easier to get parts for. The only 'catch' is that the A-727 does not have a driveshaft parking brake,requiring either a later rear axle with service parking brakes (the best idea,you also get rid of the nasty tapered axle shafts!) OR you have to hunt down a 1962 Chrysler/Dodge 880 B-727 tailshaft with a driveshaft parking brake and swap this tailshaft onto the A-727 (which is a direct swap,at least).


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