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Re: 413 long crossram

From: Ben
Email: ***
Date: March 29, 2002


To the best of my knowledge ram induction engines used the same cylinder heads as the other big blocks with 2.08 intake and 1.60 exhaust in a closed chamber. The cam had 268 duration, 48 overlap, .430 lift, when I called crane cams they showed it had the same specs as the 375 horse 440, so i'm not sure which is correct. For the carbs I beleave mine have 1 7/16 primaries and 1 11/16 secondaries but I have no idea what CFM they are. As for building a performance motor I have installed a set up in my 60 Windsor on a 440, as of now I have installed 300J exhaust manifolds, crower 270/280 duration solid roller cam, and am now in the prosses of tuning my accel gen VII fuel injection. In the future I am planning on electonic ignition, mopar stage VI heads, electric water pump, and nitous. I am still running 2.93 gears but I have taken a Ferrari at a street light.


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