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Re: 57 plymouth starter question

From: Eddie M.
Email: Mr.1957 Imperial
Date: March 29, 2002


I feel your pain! I want to help. My starter on the '57 Imperial went bye bye two years ago. I rebuilt the whole thing top to bottom. I may have been one of the last people to get a new armature. However, Most of the small parts are available if you give them(Starter/Generator people) the Autolite part numbers on the casing. However, I am in a good mood and I'll give you the part #s. MDL-2088 Armature(Interchanges with Dodge and DeSoto through 1959) MDM1005S Field Coil set-synchro-mesh EBB-53 Starter drive MDL-2012AS Starter brush set(interchanges with Chrysler,Dodge and DeSoto) That's it on the parts stuff. And I have not seen a modern inter-change starter for any forwardlook vehicle save for the Valiant/Lancer. Good Luck............. .......Eddie


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