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Re: Getting the right Insurance

From: Eddie M.
Email: Mr.1957Imperial
Date: March 29, 2002


The problem with Insurance companies are is that they are very tricky. Antique Insurance companies want you to have a primary mood of transportation. Mostly they want something from the 1980's -up. They want nice-clear rosey pictures of your car. They want you to have a garage right where you live. Pref. if its brick. They will want your primary car Insurance policy to check with. They do not ever want you to drive more than 2,500 miles a year on it, unless they say OK. Then after all that hoopla, they will give you a rate, but you'll have to wait till they say they want you. They are all pretty much the same. You want towing, collision, theft, comprehensive. Shop from place to place to get the best rate. Good Luck! ......................Eddie


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