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57 Plymouth Convertible Parts Car

From: Dan Hesselius
Date: March 31, 2002


I bought a 57 Plymouth Convertible from a salvage yard yestarday. I'll probably part it out. If anyone is in need of parts let me know and I'll see what I can salvage. It has all the top parts except for the front fiberglass header, its rotted. All 6 aluminum top side rails are perfect, the bows and other steel top parts are there but have some surface rust. All the glass is intact as well as all the stainless around the windshield. The stainless pieces that the boot snaps onto are perfect, so are the 3 large stainless pieces that go across the front of the top. One top latch is still in useable shape. The car appears to have the original V8 and torqueflight. The front clip is missing but the car is intact from the cowl back. Most of the stainless from the sides of the car is there and in good condition. I'm really not sure what to do with the car. I would love to restore it but it would be an immense job, and probably not worth it. But the car has many rare convertible parts to offer. You can reach me at: Dan 1958 Dodge Convertible 1957 Plymouth Convertible


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