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Re: carby adjustments

From: Mike Patterson
Date: April 05, 2002


Dual Quads can be set up 2 ways, syncronized or progressive. If it's set up syncronized the linkage is will be in the holes that are both the same distance from the throttle shaft,(as shown in the picture) and there should be no slack in the linkage. The carbs open at the same time and same amount. If it's set up progressively, the linkage on the rear (primary) carb should be moved to an upper hole further away from the throttle shaft. This causes the front carb to open quicker and further than the rear carb. To adjust the linkage for progressive linkage, put the rear carb on WOT, and adjust the linkage so the front carb hits WOT at the same time. You might experment running the car with both progressive and syncronized setting and see where it runs better.


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