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Re: knocking and pinging - poly 318

From: Hank Dozier
Date: April 06, 2002


You might try the following. You state that the new performance distributor has 5 degrees more advance. If that is distributor advance, it means 10 degrees crank. Put a timing light on your engine, and check total advance. Should be in by about 3200. Record that. Now take a vacuum pump and do the same at ide for the vacuum advance, and see if you can record the curve there. Check these in your service manual against the stock numbers. On a performance distributor, you can use an allen wrench to set your vacuum take-off point on the diaphragm. Try first to adjust this to match the stock distributor's settings. Total will have to be made by making a limit stop for diaphragm unit if it goes too far (too much total advance). Usually not the case, but a roll pin in the distributor plate works against an ear on the lever arm. The governor (mechanical advance) can be adjusted for total advance by shimming the total length slot of the governor weight arms. You might also find your old governore weights and springs transfer to the new distributor. The absolute best is to recurve this on an old SUN 504 machine, if you know someone who has one. Then everything is readily accessible to work on.


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