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has any one actually put a big block in a 57 plymouth?also new motor mount update

From: ted vonwyl
Date: April 08, 2002


im having a lot of problems putting the 413 in my 57 belvedere,even with big block wondering if 57 had a different mounting pad(or perch)for the motor than 58 and 59,or if the 318 and 301 cars have a different mounting pad than the 350,383 and 413's would have had.either way im getting the placement down to a science and will know exactly what needs to be done to put the big blocks in.and the motor mounts im trying to fabricate should take the problems im having away for any one else.also the transmission mount dose not reach the crossmember on the 62 and newer transmissions and it uses a different style mount, so im going to have a bolt on piece(no butchering your original crossmember) to solve that problem if any one is interested.


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