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Re: can somebody tell me about my 325?

From: Dave Homstad
Date: April 17, 2002


Kelly, some additions to the comments from Hank Dozier. Offenhauser still makes a 2x4 and a 3x2 intake that fits the 315/325 Dodge Poly/Hemi. I already thought about the 57 Olds J2 air cleaner (I have one)idea and measured the carb hole spacing. The carbs are about 1/2 inch closer together on the Offy 3x2 manifold than the J2 air cleaner. The underside of the air cleaner could be modified to fit. One minor problem using Hemi heads on a Poly is that on the Poly block, the pushrod holes are relocated toward the block centerline at the top of the block and there is a bump there for the pushrod holes. Hemi heads will not cover all of the pushrod holes and leave a small opening, so you will need to devise a way to seal it. If you want a bunch of details and parts sources from when I went through my 315 Hemi, send me your e-mail address and I will send you a MS Word document.


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