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Could fill this site with tales of jury rigging!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: April 20, 2002


"Fixing other people's jury rigging" is not just a job,it's an adventure! My very own '60 Ply. wagon,when it was near new the original owner had the dealer install leftover 1958 3:15 ratio axle gears in place of the 3:55 gears. And he drove mostly in the city,too. The car had 80K miles on it and needed a new clutch. That would not be bad EXCEPT it had had a clutch replacement once before (at 40K miles in 1972). So the high rear gears and the high 2:12 first gear required so much slip to get the car underway the clutches only lasted 40K miles! Oh,and if you laughed at the "Joe Dirt" Superbird,in 1979 I saw a REAL Superbird painted Krylon Bright Green,directly from the spraycans (including the wing and torn vinyl roof) ,and jacked-up with big meats in the back. I saw the car again in 1987,same owner BUT he had restored it. He sold it around 1992 and I think it's left my state,so someoone out there has a Superbird that really was a "Joe Dirt" car for a few years.


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