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Cheap air filters !

From: alumcan
Date: April 20, 2002


This might be of interest to all who want to save some money! It is a wholesale Wix filter distributer up there in New York state. Example; I bought a hundred and seventy some dollars worth of filters for just over eighty! NAPA wants twenty bucks and some change for a Dodge/Cummins '94 up fuel filter, filter 1 wants a little over nine dollars! Wix makes NAPA filters. The CATCH is, you have to order SIX or more filters to get FREE shipping. I got a Wix catalog the size of the Denver Metro Phone book. Every filter made is available in that catalog. They list Plymouth back to '47! No oval two four cleaners listed, NUTS! They got filter listings for machenery I never even heard of before! If there are several of you located in one area, it is worth it to 'load up' on every thransmission/air/oil/lawn mower/D-9/air compressor/motorcycle/air plane/ultra-lite/weedeater, or whatever, that you have! WHEEEE!


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