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Rumoured second XNR may not be a roadster like the showcar

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 22, 2002


If a second car was built it might not be the same as the first (roadster showcar). Anyway,the picture of the Arab Sheik driving the XNR is in the book "The Plymouth and DeSoto Story" by Don Butler (1978). This book has been out of print since the '80's,you'll need LOTS of luck to find one! (pity as it is still the best Plymouth/DeSoto reference ever published,by far!) As far as it being cheaper to buy the XNR than replicate it,it may NOT be. Remember,the XNR was fiberglass body and slant six (albeit a Hyper-Pac influenced engine,possibly with side-draft Webers!) Even a maximum-effort dimensionally accurate replica with period components may not cost as much as buying it! (For this,you WOULD need to track down who has it!) I HAD heard various things about a 'second' XNR over the years,but all of that talk implied it was different than the first car.


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