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Re: Plymouth-based hemis - ANY types??? Lookey Here!

From: alumcan
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Date: April 25, 2002


Ha! Just what I wanted to build, a 'whompin' stompin' little 259 inch Hemi motor! I'm surprised none of you guys got into the Bonnevile (?) Mirage (?) or wherever they had speed runs, record books. The 260 inch class was held for many YEARS by a 259 inch '55 Plymouth motor with Dodge Hemi heads. What size (cubic inch) Dodge heads, I don't remember what the article said. The reason that the car was legal, was something in the rules, about the motors had to be stock production only. And since you can take a Dodge Hemi, cam up, and bolt it on the '55 Ply block, you have short stroke Hemi, USING STOCK FACTORY parts! This I'm not sure of, but I think somebody mixed matched a bunch of small block Chevy motor parts together and finally broke the speed record. I located a 259 inch short bock a little over a hour north of me, and I have a couple of sets of 325 Dodge Hemi motors. Since the Dodge uses smooth vlave covers, my idea was try and find some shop, (West Coast Choppers, Posies, Troy Trepner,) or any one who can make some sorta stamp and be able to stamp the '55-'56 style word 'Plymouth' in the vlave covers. Then build something like a Duce Hiboy with no hood, and say, "Aw, I bought the motor from a guy, whose fater was a motor engineer for Chrysler Corp. in he early fifties." I doubt it if those 'small Chevy in everthing' Rodders would know the difference or not. But since I'm trying to concentrate on this Convt conversion I've been wanting for the past couple of decades, and since I haven't worked since Nov, I don't want to spend the money for something I don't really need right now. But anyway, I can dream about building one, then go dump a oilcan full of 'whoopass' in the crankcase and surprise everone! LOOKEY HERE! They built somethng else in '55 besides a dadburn Chevy he,he,he.


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