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Re: Plymouth-based 259 Hemi powered 'Hoss.

From: alumcan
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Date: April 29, 2002


The 'newer' version of the Boss Hoss, STILL has the small Chevy, but the total weight of the bike is somewhat around 3-400 pounds lighter, but the important part, the frame, has been strengthened considerably. Slightly lower center of gravity, somewhat of the awkwardness of the beast has been improved. New company personell, Ive been told. I wouldn't want to use that Plymouth 'Hemi' in a 'Hoss. That 259 inch Ply Hemi has more important places to be displayed. MY only choice for a Hemi powered 'Hoss, would be a little 241 or 270 Dodge Hemi. But again, since the basic 'Hoss kit, no rubber, paint, chrome, motor, transmission (?), starts at ten grand, and goes up! At my age and finances, I'll just stick with my 12 year old, 'tricked out' Harley Dresser. There is a rumor (?) at the bar, that there is a Hemi (which Hemi?) powered 'Hoss, but no one has seen it. It shurly would be at Sturgis, Myrtle, or Daytona. These free lance photographers for the biker rags look for that indivduality. Surprisingly (if there is such a word) that a Adventurer fanatic would know about a Boss Hoss. You haven't ridden one have you!?


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