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Re: Vintage Air/Air-Tique addresses

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: May 03, 2002


OK Nathan, here are the 'snail mail' address for both. Air-Tique 209 Kimberly Drive Cleburne, Texas 76031 (817) 641-6933 Vintage Air 10305 IH-35 North San Antonio, Texas 78233 (210) 654-7171 Call 1-800-555-1212, '800' number directory assistance, to see if either has a '800' number. Both of these books are way outdated! One is '93 the other is '94. GOOD that your interior is allready out! Don't forgret to finish your floor, before you 'nail' the stuff down. I like the slver Por-15. When you glue the insluation to the doors and quarters, put them on the panel just under the upholstery panel, not on the inside of the outer skin, like the factory does it. Later on, if you want to change glass/etc. where the access holes are, just cut a 'X', tape the pieces back, do yer work then 'duck tape' it back. On plastic moulded door and upholstry panels, I glue the insluation directly to them insetad of the panel. Condenser size and insluation are the two most important things in installng custom/aftermarket Air condition systems. Insulating with that stuff really helps 'factory' heat and air also! Another IMPORTANT item to look at. What kind of 'freon' are you going to use?? R-12 is STILL the best! But you gotta own a bank to buy some! 134A is all right, but it DOES NOT cool like R-12. There are several 'other' types of 'freon' avaible, that have some outlandish claims. I have a complete list somewhere, of all these alternitive 'freons' and what they consist of. Three or four years ago, at either Summer or MoPar Carlisle, there was this booth set up by one of hose 'other' freon manifactures that said all you need to do is simply pump out the old and then pump in their super freeze stuff. They said you don't even have to change dryers. That is a 'crock', anytime a different type of 'freon' is used the dryer should be changed. Anyway, it was miserably hot tat day, and they had a line of cars ready to change over to the 'miricle' wonderful product that they were selling. I think they even made the claim that when you breathe there stuff, it even cures tooth decay, and Viagra is never needed! LOL I took one of their papers and when I got home, I checked to see what their stuff was made up of. They were selling a f&^%$n' BOMB! If there was the slightest leak, and someone lit a smoke, BOOM! you just blew up you and your car! That stuff, as well as most of the 'other' brands have METHANE in their contents! Methane gas is one of the most violent volatile gases on the face of the earth! Methane gas is what is in ALL coal mines, and when it blows the destruction is so bad, the mine is usually sealed and shut down. The most famous, is the Farmington # 9 mine, in Farmington, West Virginia. In '69 there was a Methane explosion that trapped 70 some miners! They selaed up the mine, tore down all the buildings/preperation plant, and erected a monument to the 7o some miners that are still down there. I don't think you want that shit floating around in yer car!!!!! Pay the extra money and get R-12! Pullys!? You got a 361! Easy! Just go to your local yard, or a buddy that has a left over big NYer with a 440, and rip off all the pullys and bolt them onto your motor. Just make sure the doner motor had orginally came in a 'factory' A/C car. You might have to change your old power steering pump to one off the 440, or ANY big block, beacuse of the pully diameter. (ratio) If you want to be creative, go buy the serpintine pullys from one of the A/C companys catalogs! They come polished aluminum, for that 'sparkley look' under yer hood. Good luck, and have fun!


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