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Re: put me and her out of our misery

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: May 06, 2002


Try the following. Disconnect the fuel line at the tank, and also at the fuel pump. Put a rubber hose on the line at the tank connection, and put that into a big jar with a lid on it. Blow the line with compressed air from FRONT to REAR, and see what you get. Sometimes the crap gets in the line and plugs at the bends. If you get stuff from the line, then blow your tank inlet as well, and then drain the tank again to get the contamination. If this is not the case, try disconnecting at the carb and cranking the engine and looking for fuel pumping regularly out of the pump (again into a jar). If that works, then maybe you inlet floats are stuck at athe needle/seat, or might need more float drop.


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