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the torque-flite saga continues...

From: Brian Wittling
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Date: May 06, 2002


Well folks, my '58 Fury is dead again. After getting the Torque-Flite rebuilt to the tune of $2,600, after only about 200 miles, it has lost all forward gears again. Here's the scoop: a few months ago, I had it rebuilt by one of the few people in town willing to even look at it. When it was done, the brakes were mysteriously gone, and the tranny guy was unable to perform the final adjusting of the shift points and kick-down. Fury was towed from the tranny shop, to the hot-rod shop who rebuilt the brake system. Tranny shop says bring it back when I have a chance, it won't take long to adjust the stuff, it's OK to drive a bit now though. So, the brakes get fixed, some shows come up, and my work scedule keeps me from getting the car back in for the adjustments. So anyway, I'm coming home from a car cruise this Saturday night, and when going from N to 1st, or mostly from 1st to 2nd, I sometimes hear a metallic sort of whirring sound, accompanied by a half-hearted shift. I continue towards home, and about 1/2 mile from home it starts slipping, I creep along another 1/4 mile or so, and by the time I'm halfway up my driveway 1/4 mile later, I'm dead in the water. Had to reverse around the whole block back to my house to get the car out of the way. When I got it parked, I checked the fluid, it reads overfull a bit, but oil looks OK. Other than that, automatics are a total mystery to me. I called the tranny shop this morning, and the guy practically goes off on me... says I burned up driving it around (twice?) without the linkage adjusted (he already told me it was OK to drive around the neighborhood) and that it will burn them up quick. This doesn't make much sense to me.. the only thing the linkage controls is kick-down, correct? The transmission was shifting fine before this, but did need the shift points adjusted a bit, and of course the kick-down was off some, but it was driving very nicely. The tranny guys continues to go off on how there's no warranty on parts, can't get it in this week, bring it in next Monday, blah blah blah. So, what do you all think? DID I actually cause this? Should this guy just chil and fix his crapy work, or what? Thanks for listening! Brian


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