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Re: the torque-flite saga continues...

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: May 06, 2002


WOW....I do not know what to say, except to suggest you contact probably the leading 466 Torqueflite guy in the country these days. Name is Gary Nelson, and he literally MAKES the tools these days to work on these things (I have my trans with him right now getting REMANUFACTURED.)Emails are (, or also He may actually be able to tell you what went wrong from your symptoms. And the remedy. His phone number is (775) 853-5335, and he is in Reno, Nevada. Good luck. Hope he can help you out. He had a similar issue long ago with his 1957 300, and from that experience got into making the tolls and repairing these units as a sideline to his business (Delta Industries).


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