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61 Dodge Phoenix wiring

From: Roger
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Date: May 12, 2002


I'm working on the wiring on a 61 Dodge Phoenix 318 auto, something I have never thought about kinda has me puzzled. The turn signal and brake light are in the same fixture, that's why it has two filaments, however, when you hit the brakes the brake lights use the same filament, i guess my question is, is this a function of the turn signal setup in the steering colunm, I have the wiring diagram for the car, but it doesn't show the wiring inside the colunm. am i correct in assuming that the turn signal setup cancels the brake light signal to the side that the turn signal is selected for, this would allow the brake light to operate on the opposite side and allow the turn signal to operate for the selected side. Is this correct or just "fuzzy" thinking? I also have another question on the charging system, i'll post it separatly later. Thanks, Roger


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