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Four 1960 Desoto Adventurers for sale as one lot on ebay

From: gavin
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Date: May 12, 2002


This might be of interest to any of you forward look De Soto fans out there. Someone is selling 4 yes FOUR "project" 1960 De Soto's on ebay; Item # 1827993057 The current price is $405 (no idea what his reserve is) This is what the seller has to say: "two 2-door hardtops and two 4-door sedans. I got the sedans for parts cars for the hardtops. I'm too overwhelmed with my 55-56 Plymouths to do these, so I'm selling them as a lot (I hope). The white 2-door has a running 1969 V8-383 with Torqueflite. The blue 4-door has a working V8-383 in good condition but no transmission. The black 2-door has no engine. Its Torqueflite is in the trunk and looks good. The black 4-door has a good 1960 V8-383 engine and transmission. I've driven the black 4-door and white 2-door around lately. I have two sets of long rams to go with these, listed in another auction. I do have all the taillight assemblies, I had new lenses reproduced by Karr Rubber. Lee Exline has lent me NOS taillight chevrons, and these are being reproduced by me now. If these Adventurers don't sell here, they will sell at my auction and car meet in Livermore, CA, on May 18, 2002. Go to event website to get more info on tour, show, auction, BBQ, and live entertainment. 1950's songs. _____The auction in Livermore May 18 also includes two 1956 Desoto Firedome wagons and a 1921 Ford Model T Coupe. Call 408-897-3000 with questions. E-mail for more pictures," Best regards, Gavin p.s. do any of you folks have a GOOD stock steel wheel for my 60 Belvedere ??? One of mine is out of true and I have about half a pound of lead weights on it to try to get a decent balance, but its still not really good enough and gives quite a lot of vibration at speed...


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