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Re: Speedometer swap

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: May 20, 2002


This may not help you directly, but it may indicate an way to adapt something. My '66 Chevy pick up truck has a speedometer drive gear in the tranmission that is apparently the same for all early to mid '60s granny low truck trannys. There is a mini "transmission" in a tiny box that attaches to the transmission's speedometer output. Then the cable runs from that small adapter to the dash. When I replaced my 3.73 gears with 3.42s, I took the truck to a speedometer shop. The guy changed the gears in the adapter box between the tranmission and the cable and my speedometer was accurate again. Maybe one of these adapter boxes could be fitted to your car with the necessary gears to calibrate your speedometer with your transmission gear.


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