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Bottom front wheel cyl's prone to leakage

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 24, 2002


The IDEA of the increased braking power of dual front wheel cylinders is a very good idea (why do you think all the 'hot' disc brake setups use multi-piston calipers anyway?),but as the cars aged beyond their designed service lives their bottom wheel cyl's seem prone to leakage. The leaks have been the only problem I've had with the FL car brakes,once you get the leaks sorted out then they work fine. I mean heck the pre-70 Mopar 4-piston disc calipers started leaking many times when the cars were nearly new,if all the bottom cyls' of our cars waited 30+ years to leak THAT is GREAT by comparision! Again,that amount of time is far past the 'designed life cycle' of the part. In other words,we have OLD CARS!


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