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My A-833 is the OVERDRIVE version!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: May 28, 2002


Sorry to disappoint you Kenny but the A-833 in my wagon is an Overdrive ('77) version,so I don't have a gear between 1.67 and 1.00. Most of the driving I do is NOT in the mountains,and with a 3:55 rear it's an effective 2:59 on the highway so I can get 17-18 mpg even with the 440! The only time I miss the 1:33 'third' is when traffic is going 35 mph,then the 1:67 second is a bit busy and the 1:00 third is just a hair over 1000 rpm! My cars do get some attention when I go down those mountain roads,especially the wagon as I don't have to be in the slow lane on the 6-7% grades! Really,on the mountain interstates even my drum Fury is a safer trip than in 1961,I have a dual master cyl.,there are more passing lanes than in '61 and the runaway truck ramps (if all else fails! were also built a long time after 1961. As my Dad says about single-res. master cyl's and front drums "It's amazing any of us are still alive,but that's all we had so we never gave it a thought!"


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