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My 58 Savoy is possessed as well...

From: Chris
Email: n/a
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Date: June 02, 2002


Everytime I work on her, she busts one or 2 more things to keep me paying attention to her. Example, when i first bought her, I was doing an under-hood inspection and noticed the water pump was leaking..I replaced the pump, buttoned everything back up, started her to check for leaks and it wouldnt start again. A new fuel pump later, she ran but ran horribly. A carb rebuild later she ran smooth as silk but now had a oil leak that wasnt there before. an oil pan gasket /oil change later, she was tight and didnt leak, but now had developed a differential leak. After replacing the gasket back there, no more leaks! A few months ago, I redid the entire brake system. Upon completion, I went to drive her and she wouldnt start. A new battery later, she started and ran beautifully, but now the dash lights come on whenever I apply the brakes! She's possessed, I'm tellin ya...she's possessed! Chris


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