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Re: upper control arm bushings

From: Mopar Randy
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Date: August 13, 2002


They can be removed by using a combination of a long threaded rod, (Grade 8 equivalent), some hardened washers (assorted sizes) and sockets from your socket set. Driving them out is done by inserting the rod through the bushing with a socket the same diameter as the bushing (or just a HAIR smaller )on the inside followed by a washer and a nut. On the outside is a socket large and deep enought to accomodate the large end of the bushing, also with a washer and nut. Run the nuts finger tight and then, holding the nut on the "big" side with a wrench, begin tightening the nut on the "small" side. The small socket will begin to drive the bushing toward the large socket which is butted against the control arm itself. Pretty soon, the bushing will just pop out into your large socket. Installing them is just the reverse. Put the large socket on the inside and the small on the outside and cinch everyting up. The bushing will be drawn into the control arm until is seats. You'll know when it does. Where did I get this idea? If you look at the OTC bushing and seal driver set they sell for about $400.00, you will see. It's kind of the poor man's special tool. Works great, no damage. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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