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Later "C" body parts to '57 Plymouth

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: August 13, 2002


For the record, I have '76 Gran Fury front disc brakes in my 1960 Plymouth wagon,BUT that was done before the AAJ brake kit came out. I would highly (extremely!) recommend that you use a bolt-on kit (AAJ,Stainless Steel Brakes,or Magnum Force/Wilwood). The 360/Auto drivetrain would work. You didn't say if your '57 is V8 or six,auto or stick. The best C-body rear axles to use in a '57-'61 car in terms of width are '65-'69,'70 and up get progressively wider and the '74-78 are the widest. The '65-'69 axles are closest in width to '57-'61.


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