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15,074 of the 1959 Plymouth 2-door DeLuxe Suburbans built

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: August 14, 2002


Most of the parts in the short block (except the pistons) interchange with the (pre-92) LA 318. One cool thing you can do is change it to a 1962-1971 forged 318 crank and then you can use later manual transmissions. A later all-synchro 3-speed with better ratios,or 4-speeds,even aftermarket 5 or 6 speed trannies if you have the money! You DID check out the Poly page,didn't you?! (Right from the FL homepages,click on 'A Growing List Of Links In No Particular Order' and the Polyspherical Engine Association is one of them) As for the 440,I think a 396 poly might beat it after they spend about 30 minutes in 90+F rush hour traffic: the 440 cooking today's lean gas and loading up as the cool running poly keeps on tickin'.....('Einstein' also knows polys run at cooler temperatures than 440's!)


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