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Re: 15,074 of the 1959 Plymouth 2-door DeLuxe Suburbans built

From: Kenny J.
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Date: August 15, 2002


Hey Daven! Thanks for the encouragement. I also received several private replies from group members offering good advice. Geez, only 15,074 two door Deluxe Suburbans built? How many Custom Suburban two doors? An all synchro three speed would be of more use with the six than the 318. With the six, having to practically stop or double clutch into first when approaching a red light as it turns green removes all momentum. This is very frustrating on major thoroughfares with posted speed limits of 45 and enforced limits of around 50. With the 318, at least I can recover speed quickly and not be tailgated or passed by a faster accelerating car with a driver who gets around me and then doesn't even do the posted speed limit. Overtaking such a driver is difficult with my inline six. Slowing down too soon to take advantage of downshifting into second results in people behind me suddenly passing me and getting directly in front of me, forcing me to nearly stop anyway. Believe me, things such as driving into the wind, driving uphill, having extra passengers or a load onboard all negatively affect performance when you have about 130 hp to move a 4,000 pound wagon with a 200 pound driver. And restoring a Poly-318 car will be easier than losing forty pounds!!! :-)


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