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1,852 of the 1959 Plymouth 2-door Custom Suburbans built, all V8's

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: August 16, 2002


I assumed your car is a DeLuxe (trim items are missing on your car in the photos). If indeed it is a 2 dr. Custom Suburban,then it is a lot rarer. It would have had "Custom Suburban" badges on the tailfins. I didn't see holes for those badges in the photos,but of course none were closeups of the upper fin area. What's left of the side trim would be consistent with a Custom Suburban, but this trim was also available optionally on DeLuxe Suburbans. Interesting that all of those 1959 2 door Custom Suburbans were V8's. The 1960 and '61 2-door wagons were all DeLuxe Suburbans,then all wagons were 4-door in 1962.


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