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can we discuss these cars for sale? "58's"

From: joe d.
Email: 740 360 2387
Remote Name:
Date: August 17, 2002


now, after careful toss up consideration, I may sell my 58 plymouth. I even kicked around the ebay idea. Now there is one on there now, 30 bids in almost no time at all. the car needs alot of work and mine, picture added at this link, is driveable, but needs finish work and detailing. I know about the fury, I sold the previous owner some parts. his reserve I'll bet will only be about a couple of thousand less than I am asking. I would like to get 12000 for mine as is, car looks great, up front has lots of new chrome and trim, all new wings-perfect shape, rechromed front bumper. mine mostly still needs interior work. The rear seat is getting recoverd, with the dip in the middle. my car is not a fury, it is a belvedere, possibly the only drawback over pricing on the two. I have another one to start as a project lined up to possibly buy. any input or interested parties please post or call or e-mail me directly


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