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Re: Will a well done fiberglass repair hold up?

From: Jamie
Remote Name:
Date: August 18, 2002


I'm afraid that I have to disagree with that Steve Guy....the only way that fiberglass will even try to bond is onto roughly ground bare metal (24 or 36 grit grinder disc). Body filler is chemically designed to adhere to bare metal, and is only supposed to be applied at less than 1/4" thick, whereas fiberglass is not intended to be applied to metal at all. It is designed to adhere to itself, but does get used in body work, but it should NOT be used. The only sure fire way to repair rust the correct way is to remove the rust, and replace with new metal. He is right that if it's in a non-stressed area, it will probably be OK, but it will most likely come apart in time, due to temperature changes. Just my 2.


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