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Re-coring - types of cores

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 19, 2002


Tim...Depending on how "original" you want that radiator to be, you have a great opportunity here. The original core in you radiator is probably a "X" flow type used in the 50s. These cores are available, BUT, they have a pressure limitation of about 8psig! If you do not care about the original core look on the replacement, I would go with a modern core (verticle parallel pass type). These actually cool better, and can be bought to take upwards of 16-20 psig pressure. Of course, you would want to change (modify) the filler cap base to fit the higher pressure cap, but this would allow stuff such as A/C to be installed. One word of caution here, and that is to make sure all the other rubber coolant lines can take this increased pressure, and to make sure that the intake, timing cover and head gaskets are up to the pressure increase as well. I have done this to a 341DeSoto I am restoring, and if for no other reason, having the ability to increase the system pressure to 14psig will give me better boilover resistance at idle and low speed in hot weather.


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