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From: Bob O.
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Date: August 19, 2002


Hey Alumcan.... I don't think it's that hard to find someone in most towns who will recore rads. Usually someone in the book who lists custom radiators. In Eugene, Oregon there's a guy called Mike at A1 Radiator who is a real craftsman and did a great job on mine (but be prepared to wait a few days.... he gets the customers with commuter cars up-and-running first, which is reasonable), but the $350. he charged me seems very reasonable compared to the price of Chinese radiators made by 10 cent-per-hour workers plus a huge mark-up by middlemen. The more of us who go to craftspeople like Mike the longer they'll be around for our convenience. Don't Walmartize America!! ....."Bringing it home to the USA"...... ever think of the irony of that slogan written on all their trucks?


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