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Re: Will a well done fiberglass repair hold up?

From: Marty Stewart
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Date: August 20, 2002


Yes, a well done repair will last a long time especially taking into account what the other posters said about prep. Even bondo can last a long time. The key elements are flex, material thickness and temperature extremes. Also the amount of hardening agent has to be correct. To much hardner will cause some curing agents to be trapped bnelow the surface, sometimes against the metal. This is the usual cause of rust out behind bondo applications. I just repainted a car that had been bondo'ed about 15 years ago, driven for 5 years then parked for 10. The bondo came loose after an impact. Even underneath the bondo the metal was in nice shape. If you car is garaged and driven the relatively low mileage as most collector cars are, chance are you will have other reasons to make changes than a failure of the repair material.


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