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Re: Oil type and valve tapping

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 26, 2002


Valve lifter tapping with modern oils should not occur. The modern oils are much more robust than the 50s varieties, and should be used in any case. Using a good 20W-50 oil should be a very good substitute for the original 30W specified by the factory. The early MOPARs had fairly tight clearances to begin with, so leakage from main/rods is not a problem. My guess would be if your engine makes no noise cold, but the tapping begins during warmup and is getting louder when hot, that you have an issue with bypass leakage from you oil pump. Maybe the spring has relaxed over the 40-something years it has been in the pump. If you have tapping also cold, then you have clogged lifter(s), and you need to either replace of diassemble and clean them (not a job for the faint-hearted). If you go into the engine, you might as well get rid of that shunt bypass system , and then put a spin-on filter adaptor on the engine, as this is a better setup than the old cartridge system you have.


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