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My New Toy

From: Kenny J.
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Date: August 27, 2002


Jim delivered my '59 DeLuxe two door wagon today. It is an Evansville-built, 318-stick, all black example. The engine, drivetrain and interior need everything, but are unmolested. The car never had a radio nor lighter, has an ammeter under the dash and there was something once attached to the front left fender ahead of the mirror. Perhaps a siren? Maybe this was once a patrol car. I doubt it, but it does have the heavy duty underpinnings. It may have been some sort of government vehicle. Most of the trim is there. The floors are great, the rockers are generally solid, just a couple of small holes that can be patched with new metal. The front fenders are trash, as is the valance panel. The latter appears to have been crushed by a tow sling. As noted, I have nearly all the trim except for one quarter panel length. It is definitely a De Luxe with the optional extra trim. It is on 1955 or '56 fifteen inch wheels. I may keep those. The car looks better on those than my four door does with the stock fourteen inchers. The owner before last sanded the upper body but never primered it, so there is much surface rust, but it sands right off. It has tinted glass and only the windshield is bad. The weather stripping is shot, but Gary Goers has most of this stuff. My wife came home for lunch, looked it over and asked me if I'm trying to be the Mother Teresa of old cars. Jim gave an honest description of the car and I would buy from him again. So if anybody wants that '55 or '56 Dodge he has, I'd say go for it!


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