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'58 Fury saga drags on (long)

From: Brian Wittling
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Date: August 28, 2002


Hello again, some of you may recall my postings some time ago about my '58 Fury. Some background: The car was placed in storage in 1973, and not moved until I purchased it about this time last year. <p> It is all original and unrestored, only minor rust, no crash damage, original interior in excellent shape. It needed brakes, tires, exhaust, shocks, rear springs, radiator, fuel tank cleaned - basically reverse years of neglect. <p> After getting it roadworthy, the old 3-sp cast iron torque-flite took a shit in a major way. A mere SIX MONTHS and $2,500 (yes, I am being sarcastic)or so later I was back on the road. With the added pleasure of my mostly original paint being ruined by the dipshit shop who left the car parked underneath various ghetto hoopdies leaking goop all over over it. It was COVERED in oil, gas, fluids of all sorts when I got it back. (then I discover after the fact that the premier Torque-Flite shop in the country is just a few miles away in Imperial MO) <p> I got one lousy drive to work and back out of it, and on my way home I noticed A LOT of smoke from my tailpipes. I did a compression test, and found 90psi in 7 of the cylinders, and only 30psi in #2. It's supposed to have like 180psi I think. I knew it was tired, but DAMN! Did the goop in the motor finally start to wash away, or did I blow a ring? Who knows, it's a moot point. I need a rebuild. and the car sits unused yet again.<p> So, The Question is: Does anyone know of a place in the St. Louis area that can do my rebuild? I will remove and dismatle the engine myself, but I would feel much better if I left the "meat" of the work to the pros. I don't want a repeat of the transmission fiasco!<p> Thanks for listening!<p> Brian


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