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Re: '58 Fury saga drags on (long)

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 28, 2002


Brian... Can't help you with St.Louis rebuiders, but before you rip out the motor, you might try doing a dry and WET leakdown. Sounds like you have done the dry. Now suirt some oil into the cylinders and repeat the compression test. If the compression goes up appreciably, then your rings are either stuck or broken. If it does NOT go up, then most likely you have worn guides/bad seats in your heads, and that you can have taken care of by any reputable machine shop. In fact, before taking them to the shop, pour some kerosine into the intake and exhaust ports, and see how badly each cylinder leaks! Then you will know if you need asll new valves. You should in any case invest in getting exhaust valve seats installed.


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