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Re: '58 Fury saga drags on (long)

From: Brian Wittling
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Date: August 28, 2002


Well Hank, that is sound advice - thank you. I know to do the dry/wet tests, and you're correct I did not do the wet test. But as you say, the valves should be done anyway, since they are the leaded fuel type. The consistant 90psi in 7 cylinders and the 30 in one convince me though that rings are very suspet. Additionally pulling the motor will afford me the opportunity to clean, POR-15 and detail the engine compartment. Then all that will be left to do is exterior paint & finish to "complete" the car. May as well take advantage and rebuild while the motor is out. Another reason for rebuilding is that I would like to "sneak" a few performance mods into the engine, and yet retain a stock appearance *grin*... as if 300hp isn't enough! Brian


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